WeWereMonkeys is writing, directing and producing duo, Mihai Wilson and Marcella Moser. Together they have created many successful music videos, film and commercial works that have been seen around the world at film festivals and art exhibitions. They have been nominated for multiple Juno Awards, an MTV Music Video Award for 'Best Art Direction' and most recently won Les Prix Phi Films for their debut short film, OVO.

WeWereMonkeys unique visual style is inspired by foreign cultures, collage, classical painting and the latest technology. With a mixed-media approach, they strive to build worlds that exist somewhere between dreams and reality.


Mihai is a self-taught computer wizard. He was building his own computer when the rest of us were still drawing with sticks in the sand. Mihai loves a good story, and can't get enough of moving pictures. He's fascinated by the craft of visual effects, and loves to be inspired by new work that pushes aesthetic and technical boundaries.

Mihai is passionate about travel, and the inspiration that he draws from being immersed in foreign cultures is hugely important to his work. He also gets a kick out of writing trombone and jaw harp music in his spare time. Mihai launched WeWereMonkeys in 2007, and loves his job.

Mihai also loves to tame cats.


Marcella has travelled the world extensively, and speaks 4 languages. She's as hyper-efficient as a Swiss watch, organized as a penguin (apparently they are very organized) and always K.O.'s her deadlines like Mike Tyson.

She loves to keep her finger on the pulse of current motion graphics, animation and film, but also digs creating elaborate costumes and headdresses. And as much as she loves a good stitch n' bitch, she is drawn to travelling to far-flung places all around the world. The diverse cultures, histories and landscapes are a huge inspiration to her work. Marcella is addicted to good stories and will forget to eat or go to the bathroom if she is fully immersed in a yarn.

Marcella is also a stellar cat-herder.

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